Ocean Safety ʻOhana’s Huakaʻi: Mauka to Makai is a healing venture. 

Jessamy Town Hornor, Founder, Ocean Safety ʻOhana

Photo: William Weaver

Ocean Safety ʻOhana

Ocean Safety ʻOhana is a healing venture. Founded after the loss of my husband Mark and my youngest daughter Mina in an ocean accident on Oʻahu in July of 2016, OSO honors Mark and his love for our family, and Mina and her light, bright spirit.  

In the years since the accident, my two other daughters and I have learned to find and cultivate the love that we have for them in this world in many ways; through each other, our friends, our family, our community, and in nature. It is often in nature that we feel most connected to them and to something far greater than ourselves. 

Huakaʻi: Mauka to Makai grew out of my wish to help others, especially children, to experience this connection, and to be safe while doing so. It is based on knowledge systems that deepen our sense of place by resourcing from each other – other local families, those who take care of the land, our local watermen and waterwomen, our teachers, and our kupuna. Huakaʻi is about exploring – together.

We are so glad you are joining us.

Jessamy Town Hornor

Founder, Ocean Safety ʻOhana


To learn more about Ocean Safety ʻOhana and how to support our strands of work, please contact Jessy at [email protected].



Ocean Safety ʻOhana Name and Logo

The two flowers featured in our logo are for Mark and Mina, inspired by my visit to the tidepools to honor them on the first year anniversary of that day of loss.  I saw tiny white and purple flowers clinging to a vine which hugged the ground. Mina loved very small, cute things, and it spoke to me. I asked around and learned the name of the plant is Paʻu O Hiʻiaka and was shared the moʻolelo of Hiʻiaka, Pele’s sister.  As she lay sleeping on the beach, these vines grew around her as a gentle blanket to protect her from the sun. This tender moʻolelo was such a gift for me to hear and hold in my heart. 

The work we endeavor as Ocean Safety ʻOhana embraces both definitions provided by Pukui: 


1. nvs. Family, relative, kin group; related. ʻOhana holoʻokoʻa, ʻohana nui, extended family, clan.

2. vi. To gather for family prayers (short for pule ʻohana).